No Two Are the Same

Spotted by the Narwhal April 2014 | BERLIN, GERMANY

Handmade pottery by Jutta Altenstein becomes functional art in this Berlin kitchen

Spotted in a Berlin kitchen

Most of the dishes in this kitchen were handmade by local Berlin potter Jutta Altenstein. A collection of one-of-a-kind cups, plates, and bowls both large and small – displayed on open shelves rather than stored behind closed cabinet doors – add a unique and hip look to the design of this kitchen.

Spotted at Töpferei Altenstein

The Narwhal took a trip to the source to check out more functional pottery by Jutta Altenstein. While no two pieces are exactly the same (each piece is produced on a wheel, one at a time, and later hand painted), it’s possible to put together a set of pieces of the same size with similar but unique colors or patterns.

Where To Find

Pottery by Jutta Altenstein is currently available for purchase at her store and workshop, Töpferei Altenstein, in Berlin, Germany.
Töpferei Altenstein
Ackerstraße 18
10115 Berlin
Local: 030-28599888
International: +49 30 28599888

Find Out More

Read more about her work on or visit Yelp for more info.

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